Twitter Cards in a Nutshell

Twitter Cards all Setup under 10 Minutes.
Types, Needs, Setup, Configuration.

Twitter Cards makes it possible for you to attach media contetn to tweets that link to your wordpress article.
A pretty simple Setup. On the one hand you can hard code it yourself or on the other hand you’ll use a PlugIn, anyway it’s gonna work fine.

Twitter Cards are available in four different types:
Spoiler Alert, we use option [2] and no SEO Plugin
1) Summary card
[the tweet will display the page’s title, thumbnail, and description]
2) Summary card with a large image
[it is similar to the summary card but with a big featured image]
3) Player card
[shows a series of videos, images, or other media experiences]
4) App card
[redirects users to an application’s download link]

Twitter Cards are a handy tool that modifies your tweets to show a sneak peek of your wordpress Article.

What you see here is:
featured image 300 by 126 pixels
twitter Card Image 937 by 446 pixels
excerpt and summary

What we configured:
Plugin for Twitter Cards (settings & dash)
Plugin for tweeting (do not attach image)