Do You Speak emoji ?

on a wannabe secure WordPress site

For starters, yes I know that this language is on of the fastest growing languages. But do we care on a WordPress site.

🙂 😉 🙁 😐

Yes I am kind of old school, and no I dont’t speak emoji, and thats the bottom line. So when you are gonna try to get rid of the emoji stuff you can use a plugin or do some coding in functions.php both ways are gonna work somehow. The bright side is there will be no hustle when it comes down somehow to #GDPR and third party requests in the future.

And when you are going down that road of SEO with your own WordPress site, you will be soon in love with everything that improves the pagespeed of your site. As far as my pages and sites are involved, I try to avoid as many plugins as I can to keep it easy, slim and simple. Small is not appropriate for a CMS like WordPress.

🙂 D-‘: D:< D: D8 D; D= DX 😐

So on our projects we do it old school 😉